Are HOAs Right for You?

You found it. While working with your Las Vegas real estate agent, you found the perfect home. It has that kitchen with that breakfast nook. The bathroom has a spa style shower. The backyard is big enough to accommodate all those friends you have. You say you want it, but there’s one thing. You have to

How to Sell Your Home if You Smoke

Whether you smoke inside or outside your home, you have every right to utilize your home the way you see fit. However, when listing your real estate, people may be warded off by the odor or other effects of tobacco. While it may not be an issue to some homebuyers, you can get your home

5 Tips to Stage Your Home When Selling

Wondering why your real estate in Vegas is not getting any offers? It could be because when people step into the house, they’re getting the wrong vibe. Whether they feel the home décor is too overpowering or if they can’t connect to the house, it goes to show that first impressions are everything. When selling

Best Las Vegas Real Estate Tips for 2016

Las Vegas real estate continues to climb to new heights of success. Construction companies are building new suburban communities, and with the rise in population just last year, it sounds like we’re going to need them. According to a report released by the U.S. Census Bureau last week, Las Vegas collected 10,220 new residents last