How to Sell Your Home if You Smoke


Whether you smoke inside or outside your home, you have every right to utilize your home the way you see fit. However, when listing your real estate, people may be warded off by the odor or other effects of tobacco. While it may not be an issue to some homebuyers, you can get your home off the market sooner by removing the smell.

You will need to inform your real estate agent if you smoke in the house. This way they can disclose the information if potential homebuyers ask.

In the meantime, here are four ways to get rid of any traces of smoking in your Las Vegas real estate home for sale.

Clean the Air Vents and Ductssmoking-las-vegas-real-estate

If you smoke inside your real estate because of the Vegas heat, the smoke will travel into the air ducts and will create an odorous residue. Even if you use the best air filter on the market, the smoke will still seep through the porous material.

Invest in hiring a professional air duct and vent cleaning company. This can be a potential selling point for your Las Vegas real estate agent, too.

Prime and Paint the Walls

Not many people think about it, but drywall and latex paint are porous materials. When you smoke, the smoke will travel and seep through the materials and make their home there. This will create the smelly residue that is practically impossible to remove.

Worry not, however. You can mask it to keep the smell from coming out of your Las Vegas home for sale. Repaint the house with new primer and paint.

Not only will the primer cover the pores of the paint and drywall, the new coat of paint will be another selling point to homebuyers.

Shampoo the Carpet

Carpet can be the biggest offender of smoke odor. Not only does it seem that carpet fibers attract smoke, but the pad underneath carpet can soak up the smell, too. On top of it, nothing can draw off a potential homebuyer than seeing a carpet burn or stain caused by smoking. They’ll see it as a potential home renovation.

The best course of action if you smoke inside your house is to remove the pad and carpet. However, if you can’t, invest in a professional carpet cleaning company who specialize in removing cigarette odors.

Odor Absorbing Materials and Candles

While dealing with the three biggest offenders in perpetuating cigarette smells, you can do more to get rid of the cigarette smell.

Place bowls or cups of odor absorbing materials around the house. Commercial odor eliminators products can be bought at most home improvement stores, but you can get away with bowls of vinegar and activated charcoal. Make sure to tell your real estate agent to clear away any of the bowls before showing guests.

This is the less time-consuming and cheapest way to clear out smoke from your home.

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