5 Tips to Stage Your Home When Selling


Wondering why your real estate in Vegas is not getting any offers? It could be because when people step into the house, they’re getting the wrong vibe. Whether they feel the home décor is too overpowering or if they can’t connect to the house, it goes to show that first impressions are everything.

When selling your Las Vegas real estate, here are some tips to improve the staging of your home.

5 Tips to Help Stage Your Home

Remove Clutter

Your Las Vegas real estate agent knows what factors can sell your home, like
a fireplace or real wood floors. When clutter distracts these fashionable features, it can turn off potential homebuyers. Consider the buyer’s perspective. When you’re buying
new homes in Las Vegas, you’re looking for openness and a new beginning. Too much clutter can feel closed in and can stop them from mentally “moving-in” to your home.   

Heavy Furniture

On the same vein, heavy furniture can work or not work depending on the balance of the room. What we mean by balance is what do you want the focal point of a room? Too many heavy furniture pieces can compete with one another, making a homebuyer uncomfortable in the room. Cut back on the heavy furniture and choose the handsome pieces. For example, that antique wood armoire will look refined and classic as opposed to a massive, old vinyl sectional eating the scenery.

Suggest, Not Show

Another way homebuyers can mentally move-in to a home is through suggesting, not showing how you lived. What we mean by suggesting is placing basic pieces in a room, such as a table or bed, and they themselves mentally place their furniture pieces around it. It will engage them with the house more and make them feel more connected.  When you show how you lived in a house, it can close a homebuyer’s imagination from the house. Cut back on your furniture and present your house simply, similar to a doll house.


Excellent staging for a patio.

Whether you hate taking care of plants or your house is a part of an elaborate ecosystem, plants can influence how people feel about your home. Try adding them next time you have an open house. It will brighten up the room and add a life force making people feel good about the house. Avoid fake plants if you can. They date the house.

If you have plants outside, make sure to groom them or hire a professional to do it for you. People will see an out-of-control garden as a problem, rather than an amenity.  

Show the Light

No one likes stale, fluorescent light. Natural lighting, or at least soft, warm lighting, will make your home more comfortable and happy for homebuyers. Draw back the curtains and change up the lighting around the house. You can keep the bright, white light in the bathroom, but in the living room or bedroom, see if you can make it more comfortable. It will make investing in Las Vegas real estate easier.

Need Help Selling Your Las Vegas Real Estate Home?

Even if you stage your real estate in Las Vegas perfectly, you’ll still need a Las Vegas real estate agent to get the paperwork and finances covered. If you’re looking for Las Vegas real estate homes for sale, our Las Vegas realtors can help you out, too.

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