Careers in Real Estate!  How does technology work for the Realtor!

Here at EXIT Realty Number One we have five pillars of success.





Retirement and Death Benefits

Being in the real estate industry affords any one to be self employed and to make an career that is rewarding in so many ways. What I did not know was the ups and downs emotionally and financially.   What I desired was a way to bring balance to every area of my life.   

Being a top producer I wanted more.  In 2013 I was searching for home in  a real estate brokerage that made sense.   I interviewed seven companies with EXIT being the last.   At the time EXIT was not even in my radar.   I had my last interview with a brokerage that left me filling empty and mad.   I had wasted  time and energy with this one brokerage coming to find out that they were not transparent like they said they were.

I threw up my hands and pointed to Heaven saying you want me to open my own brokerage,  which I did not want to do.  I went home and began writing out what I wanted in my brokerage and how I wanted to be different.  I posted on my Facebook feed a question.  “You are a top producer and the competition is wooing you to the other side, what will it take for you to make a move”?   Back then Facebook was just getting started and received 40 to 50 comments.  I then received a text saying, “lets meet” .  I had no idea what it was about but said ok.   I was then introduce to EXIT Realty.

What made me fall in love with the EXIT Realty Formula was…  the five pillars of success.  The three that caught my attention was Technology, Training and Retirement.  You see I was already in the 2% of Realtors in Las Vegas, Nevada  and wanted more in my life and career.   I wanted to get to the next level. I knew what I wanted I just did not know how to get there.   This is where EXIT comes in.

I can tell you all about what EXIT has to offer however the saying goes “proof is in the pudding”. I invite you to see what this is all about. Call me today.